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What factors affect the mobile home moving cost?

The cost to move a mobile home in Hinesville, GA varies from move to move, however, there are several common factors that affect every mobile home relocation. These include:

Distance of Move:

The shorter the move, the cheaper the move will be. As you can imagine, lugging a mobile home behind a large truck requires quite a bit of gas. Not to mention, movers won’t exactly be able to drive at a fast speed or zip around corners with a “wide load” behind them. In addition, a longer move may require the moving company to invest in new tires and equipment to handle the distance.

Size of the mobile home:

The size of your mobile home will have a big effect on the overall mobile home moving cost. As expected, single-wides will cost less to move than double-wides, which are twice as big. If your home is too wide to safely drive down the street (read: it takes up more than one lane), you may also have to pay for a police escort or a temporary road closure.

Weight of the mobile home:

According to Free Mobile Home Info, older mobile homes typically weigh between 35 to 40 lbs. per square foot, while newer manufactured homes weigh anywhere from 45 to 50 lbs. per square foot. That means if your mobile home is 800 square feet, it could weigh up to 40,000 lbs. Yikes! Remember: the heavier your mobile home, the more moving equipment and materials will be needed. This inevitably adds up to more money as well.

Permits & Inspection:

If moving your mobile home to a new county or state, permits may need to be acquired for each individual territory it enters or travels through. Fortunately, your movers should be able to help you get these permits in place before the move. Keep in mind, you may also need to get a “set-up” permit in order to install your mobile home in a new city. As far as inspections go, some states, such as Florida, require mandatory inspections of older mobile homes before moving them to the state. This helps ensure that the mobile homes are safe and up-to-code prior to the move.

Setup Services:

If you’re planning to hire full-service movers for your mobile home relocation, expect to pay more. Besides transport charges, many professional movers will also require a separate fee for taking apart and/or setting up the mobile home. These fees may include: disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities; removing and reinstalling outer features, such as a porch; removing and reinstalling foundation (or skirting); removing and reinstalling interior features; and reconnecting a double-wide mobile home. 

Moving Materials:

From tools and supplies to tow hitches and tires, moving a mobile home requires plenty of moving materials. Your moving company should be able to break down the costs of necessary moving materials in your contract.

Average Transportation Costs:

Hinesville, GA Mover Costs

Singlewide – $2,500-5,000

Doublewide -$6,000-10,000


Transportation Services

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